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Dealer and Distributor Information

As a Dealer/Distributor of Ricoh, Savin or Lanier products, access/use of this website is maintained by your Dealer Administrator located at your Dealership location. All requests pertaining to security, access or permissions must be sent to that individual. If you do not know who your local Dealer Administrator is or require additional assistance, please email us at [email protected].
Please do not attempt to create a new user account by selecting the "Register" link from the home page of This feature is intended only for direct end customers and is not applicable to Dealer accounts. Any attempts to register this way will fail and/or be rejected by the site administrator.
Please do not use the "Customer Service Form" link prior to logging into this site with your username and password. This feature is also intended for end customers and as such, your inquiry will not be routed correctly for proper assistance. All inquiries should be directed to your Ricoh Order Coordinator or via email to [email protected].
After you have successfully signed in, the "Contact Us" feature will be available for use.
The "Click to Call" and "Click to Chat" features are available only for direct end customers and to avoid delay, should not be used by Dealers/Distributors.
Thank you for using the MyRicoh Dealer Resource Center!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is provides you with online access to your dealership's customer account with Ricoh USA, Inc. The "Dealer Resource Center" will provide functionality for you to manage all of your business with Ricoh!
IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to obtain access by using the 'Register' link on the login page. Any attempt to register in this fashion will only delay your obtaining access to MyRicoh.
How do I obtain a new User ID to access MyRicoh?
Your Local Dealer Administrator will be able to set up your new MyRicoh account. If you're not sure who that is, please contact [email protected] for additional support.
I am unable to log in, who do I contact?
Your first point of contact should always be your Local Dealer Administrator at your dealership.
Can I still log in to iSuite to view my past activity history?
No. has been decommissioned. However, support personnel have access to archived account data. Please contact the appropriate support team for more information.
Can I still log in to PartsNet to view my past activity history?
No. PartsNet has been decommissioned. Please contact the Parts Administration team at [email protected] for additional information.